December 1st, 2013

Do you also hate unpacking rarfiles. Why can’t they just unpack themselfs with no need for human control. I’ve tried a number of different auto unpackers, but not one of them have met my needs. So I decided to make my own.

Unpack Monitor is my solution to the annoying issue on unraring files.It monitors folders you’ve selected, and unpack to a selected unpack folder. So no more unpacking when you have the time, just start the program, and when you return, all the files are already unpacked, and ready for use.

Supported types: 7z, RAR, ZIP,  ISO, HJ Splitted files, TAR, GZip


  • Auto search password used by all the Unpack Monitors in the world
  • Filtering, multiple destinations depending on the filename
  • Scan multiple folders
  • FTP upload unpacked files
  • Webservice
  • Separate¬†settings for each monitored folder
  • Delete/move to trash when done unpacking
  • Move specific files to unpack folder
  • Unpack subtree structure
  • Lets you launch any program.
  • Shutdown/Restart when done unpacking
  • Supports system tray
  • Shell extension
  • Simple interface


Current version is v2.7.

Please be aware that because of a bug in 2.44, I can’t convert your settings to above versions..

Please report bugs and feature requests here

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