November 7th, 2012

Added filtering, double click on an existing folder, or then adding a new folder

Because I’ve changed host, I’ve had to make some changes in how I communicate with the database on error handling, password saving etc.
I hope this haven’t been a problem for people. Therefore this is a quick bug fix update. I’ve still looking on some of the user suggestions. Please keep sending new feature requests :)

New features:
Added Copy media files as requested by Nezzox

Fixed unpack to subtree structure on Add Directory


New features:
Added support for tar. (Suggested by user Olemann) Thanks to
Added FTP unpack destination
Added a webservice to use make other programs communicate with it.

The code has been refactored a lot for easier reading and understanding.
Changed the bug reporter, to create a topic in the bug forum and send an email to the user with the link and to me.
Improved error logging


Fix a bug that crashed the program first time it starts


Increased logging for bugfixing


New features

Added minimum size filter to medias

Added better developer logging

Bug fixes

Fix a bug with scanning subfolders



New features
Added unpack in separate folders, wished by user toosay.

Fixed .r00 (Segmented files), it should work now, if you find any issue with it, please let me know


New features:
Added HJ Join



Fixed the unpacking ISO issue with large files

V.2.3 – 2011-09-04

New features:
Added ISO support thanks to

Fixed a unpacking problem with lock rar archives.
Fixed a missing password error
Fixed minor bugs

V.2.21 – 2011-09-02


Fixed bug startup in tray where it crashed.

V.2.2 – 2011-09-02

New Features:

Added 7z support. Thanks to
Added auto password search for 7z files.
Added Help menutab, where you can read how to use Unpack Monitor. (Able to update without updating Unpack Monitor)
Added Overwrite option. Overwrite files with same name
Added unpack type choice. Select which types you want to be unpacked.

Zip files now auto search for password too.
A lot of graphical improvements
Made a startup screen, thanks to for great tutorials.

V.2.11 – 2011-08-24

New Features:

Added Subtree unpacking supported (optional)


Fixed bug with Tray icon wasn’t shown.

V.2.1 – 2011-08-23


Fixed a bug so it once again unpacks with password
Fixed a bug, where it say done and delete the files even if it wasn’t
Fixed a bug, where it didn’t save the password in the db, even if it was the right one
Fixed a bug with the database connect, where it didn’t connected correctly

V.2.0 – 2011-08-21
New features:

1.1  Added Zip unpacking support ( Suggested by user, Haidenai, Paul, Andrea )
1.11 Added .r00 unpacking support (Suggested by user, Paul)
1.2  Added Subfolder scanning support (optional) (Suggested by user, Andrea )
1.3  Added a Reset function on the folder (right click the folder in the list)
Note: this resets the found files, so if you have a problem with finding a rar file, it should do the trick.

1.4 Added auto search for password in password.txt.
Note: so now it isn’t necessary to give a part of the filename (Suggested by user, Albert) This is only working for rar files at the moment.

1.5 Added password saving. If the correct password is found, it is now saved in a database.
1.6 Added password auto search in database.
Note: If the correct password isn’t found in password.txt, it checks in the database.

1.7 Added Shell support, so a folder can be right-clicked and added directly.

Made alot of changes in the code, to make it easier to make support of new filetypes (zip etc).Better separation in the code, better low clutch between the objects, also easiser to read the code.


Fixed the remove file from unpacking list bug. It now removes the file, and won’t unpack it.
Fixed the bug, where an unpacked file didn’t show in history.
Fixed a bug, where the file just disappeared in the application (not on the harddrive).
Alot of minor bugs.


V.1.3 –  2011-04-01
New features:

Added types of media files to move
Added user addition of filetypes to move
Logging saved in database if allowed by user
Start application with arguments ( UnpackMonitor.exe C:\monitor C:\unpacked )
Launch a application when a job is done unpacking
Shutdown/restart the computer when all jobs are unpacked


Better separation better saved history and settings
Better file scanning

Small graphic bugs fixes, where edited data wasn’t updated
Fixed startup in tray with windows, where the icon wasn’t shown in tray

V.1.21 – 2011-03-15
New features:

Scan for video files
New way of adding folders to be monitor with more control
Able to edit a monitored folder with full control
More information in the monitored folders view


Better scanning for rar files

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